Trusted Biometric Solutions Provider

TOTM Technologies provides end-to-end identity management and biometric solutions and products, powering Digital identity and Digital onboarding solutions. That includes NIST-rated core biometrics matching software that is proven in ultra large scale identity deployments.

Our in-house expertise comprises innovators, disruptors and technologists providing best-of-breed, integrated and highly-scalable biometric solutions that span across domains and use-cases such as national identity (ID), automated border control, finance & fintech, healthcare and critical infrastructure access control.

Biometric Solutions Application

biometric solutions for national identity

Public Safety

The safety and security of any city is crucial for its development, growth and renewal. TOTM’s biometrics identity technologies powers national identity systems, immigration control, law enforcement, urban surveillance and even emergency management.

digital identity management solution

Digital Identity

TOTM's digital identity solutions are contactless, secure, private & inclusive, employing multi-modal biometrics that address the inclusion of all individuals and beneficiaries in any given Identity Management solution.

biometric solutions for financial services


TOTM helps accelerate digital transformation in the financial services industry with next-gen digital onboarding and eKYC solutions, all based on contactless face biometrics, secured with real-time liveness detection and supported with age classification.