TOTM Technologies announces TOTM x Narwhal strategic partnership with the aim to transform & disrupt digital identity domain

25 September, 2023 | News

Singapore, 25th September 2023 – TOTM Technologies Limited (“TOTM Technologies” or the “Company”), together with its subsidiaries, the “Group” is proud to announce the formation of a strategic teaming agreement between TOTM Technologies Limited and Narwhal Technology Limited, a company that develops palm vein biometrics with block chain and AI.

This partnership will enable TOTM to address challenges that come with traditional on-premises onboarding implementation, taking advantage of Narwhal’s palm vein biometrics technology that will enable scalability and flexibility of TOTM’s Digital ID solutions. Along with the ease-of-use and innovation of Narwhal’s artificial intelligence and blockchain tech, the partnership will promote the acceleration of digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region, disrupt industries and to deliver unparalleled high performance biometric and AI capabilities.

“Today’s announcement represents TOTM’s commitment to continuing to build and add to our ecosystem of strategic partners as we seek to empower our combined TOTM x Narwhal teams with the latest technologies, tools and expertise and continuously innovate with rapidly developing and evolving hardware and software changes. With Narwhal’s palm vein biometrics leadership, data analytics and AI/blockchain experience, we are looking forward to driving advanced digital identity products and solutions in the region together,” said Mr Pierre Prunier, CEO and Executive Director of TOTM Technologies Limited.

“As we step into a new era of digital identity solutions, our partnership with TOTM marks a transformative milestone. Together, we are not just shaping the future; we’re redefining it. With the power of palm vein recognition technology and the expertise of our strategic partner, we’re on a mission to make digital identity not only secure but seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives,” said Mr Bruce Lau, CEO of Narwhal Technology Limited.

Under the terms of the strategic teaming agreement, TOTM will enable its IDora range of digital identity products and solutions to integrate and leverage on Narwhal’s palm vein biometrics, to design and deploy an end-to-end solution to solve core and foundational identity problems particularly with enrolment and onboarding, and create new digital applications and support applications with Public-Private-Partnerships.