TOTM Technologies launches biometrics-based solution for live entertainment industry

27 September, 2023 | News

Singapore, 27th September 2023 – TOTM Technologies Limited (“TOTM Technologies” or the “Company”), together with its subsidiaries, the “Group” is proud to announce the launch of a biometrics-based digital ID-based onboarding and ticketing solution for the live entertainment industry.

This solution uses microservices architecture that supports seamless integration with existing ticketing solutions to enable the issuance of NFT tickets that corresponds with biometrics onboarded with a real person’s digital identity. Connecting a digital ticket as a tokenized asset with real-human biometrics authenticated with the person’s valid identification credential enables rights holders to give fans a vastly improved ticket buying experience as it prevents bots from being able to access sales, and provides the opportunities for new ways to build a community with fans and offer additional enhanced experiences. The solution will support e-commerce ticket sales, resales, digital marketing communications, live messaging, real-time analytics and actionable insights for artists and event organisers.

Issuing tickets as digitals tokens with smart business rules that persist throughout the life of the ticket with blockchain and biometrics technologies thus ensures authenticity for fans, and provides artists, event organisers and venue operators greater control over access and security as well as options for additional revenue streams.

Commenting on the challenges faced by fans and artists alike, especially for major tours, Mr Pierre Prunier, CEO and Executive Director of TOTM Technologies Limited said, “I think we’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to secure tickets for a favourite artist only to find that we never really stood a chance because of how tickets are sold, and how sophisticated bots and AI-driven solutions have become at jumping the queues, waiting rooms and other technologies ticket-sellers use to try to ensure tickets get to real fans”.

He continued, “Working with several senior executives with extensive experience in the live entertainment and ticketing industry, TOTM found that to pair our NIST-rated core biometrics matching software and identity solutions to ticketing for concerts and festivals is a natural fit. We’re excited to bring our technology and expertise to the live entertainment industry”.