Totm Technologies subsidiary awarded contracts worth $7.5 mil from Indonesia government

07 February, 2024 | News

Totm Technologies’ 42F 18.18% wholly‐owned subsidiary PT International Biometrics Indonesia (InterBio) has been awarded contracts worth a total of $7.5 million by Indonesia’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

The first contract, issued by the Directorate of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil), is for the renewal of a current contract to provide annual technical support for Indonesia’s national identification programme for the month of January 2024, and is worth approximately $600,000. 

InterBio will also provide annual technical support for the system for the period of February to December this year, with a contract value of approximately $6.5 million.

Finally, the company will also issue 2 million additional Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) licenses with a contract value of approximately $470,000.00.

“These awards reflect our ongoing indispensable commitment to Dukcapil to maintain Indonesia’s core system that forms the backbone of the country’s foundational National ID,” says Totm Technologies 42F 18.18% CEO Pierre Prunier. “It also recognises TOTM as a foremost technical and design authority of the country’s  everexpanding National ID programme, alongside being a key strategic partner to supporting Dukcapil’s vision of Indonesia being a leader amongst Asean nations for digital transformation.”

“We’re proud to continue to provide the essential support that these tenders entail, especially when we work with the Indonesian government to continue to scale up and maintain one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive National ID databases, whilst providing excellent technical support and know‐how,” he adds.