Yinda Infocomm rebrands as TOTM Technologies

08 October, 2021 | News


Yinda Infocomm announced on 30 September 2021 that it will be changing its name to TOTM Technologies Limited (“TOTM Technologies”). The stock trading code “42F” on the SGX-ST will remain unchanged. At the helm of TOTM Technologies’ big ambitions is Mr Pierre Prunier, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director.

“Along with the rebrand, comes a fresh focus for the business. This rebranding captures how a strong identity can inspire individuals and groups, and better reflect TOTM’s transformation into an identity management technology solutions provider. TOTM Technologies will continue to work to provide the latest platforms to customers in the private and public sectors as part of its contribution to the global digital transformation movement.

This will be achieved by building relevant technologies on our own or through vital acquisitions and partnerships. TOTM looks forward to future possibilities of growth and expansion and the extensive contribution we would be able to make across Asia-Pacific and beyond with digital ID identity solutions for individuals, businesses and economies,’ said Mr Prunier.